About time we all got really angry … and did something

This is my first angry post.

Every morning when I’m about ten minutes into a newspaper, my blood begins to simmer. Some days it crosses the threshold and I get really worked up and furious about certain stuff while some days I just don’t read any newspaper or watch any news to keep myself from getting angry about the state of affairs in our country.

Of course, I then also refrain from going out, preferring to stay within the safe cocoon of my home, because I know that if I step out on the city roads, the temperature is bound to rise.

With so much anger inside me about how our government is running (read “ruining”) our country, how a massive part of the private sector is helping the government suck the life-blood of our nation, how we as regular non-VIP citizens daily fail to stand up against the corruption and the incompetence and, instead, become a part of the problem, I am quite surprised that I haven’t already developed chronic-stress.

I do have elevated blood pressure from time to time but it’s mostly due to other, personal stuff like things not working out on my career front. I’m young and I shouldn’t be having elevated blood pressure at my age. I am getting a handle on my career and so don’t have any major worries on that front and neither do I fret about my relationships which are generally hunky-dory.

The only thing that is not going to go away soon is the miserable state of affairs of our country. And just getting angry about it is not going to help anyone, including me.

So I’ve decided to start this blog as an anonymous angry Indian. This will be a place for me to vent my feelings and talk about steps we, as citizens, can take on a daily basis to stop, or at least slow down, the rot that is spreading all around us.

Hopefully, it’ll stir me to action. And maybe a few others.

Feel free to comment on any post and join in the discussion.

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