India Corruption News

Before I really launch into this blog, here are some blog posts from around the web on corruption in India. The unfortunate thing seems to be that not enough people seem to be raising their voice against corruption and even if they do, not often enough.

Here are a few:

1. Is Corruption Ever Acceptable as a Second Best Solution?

Of course, in an ideal world, the cops would be paid a reasonable salary and Indian drivers wouldn’t stand for this, or any, type of corruption. Given the current situation, extorting money from the helmet-less seems like the best …

2. Indian Government overlooking information about corruption

In the 80’s and 90’s, a lot of films had the concept of a secret Swiss account held by a politician or a corrupt government official, and the mission always was to either get the corrupt minister in some way or to get details of the …

3. India : Corruption and Culling

Bird flu cull hit by ‘corruption’. By Subir Bhaumik BBC News, Calcutta. Several culling teams have stopped working in districts of West Bengal hit by bird flu, complaining of corruption. They say that they are being put under pressure …

4. Corruption and taxes eroding profits of Chinese firms in India

Still, India is a market that companies including TCL, the world’s largest producer of tube TVs, cannot afford to lose.

5. Corruption – It is omnipresent in India

You know the best part I like of the corruption is that, the rates are almost common all over India. If you are caught by traffic police and do not have driving license pay Rs. 50, if you do not have a RC, or vehicle insurance, …

6. Ex-chief justice under corruption panel scanner

… Commission (CVC), the government’s anti-corruption watchdog, has forwarded a set of complaints with allegations of corruption and misconduct against former Chief Justice of India YK Sabharwal to the government for further action. …

7. Ripun Borah episode and its significance

People have known and heard about corruption and bribing of many public officials including the ministers. But a minister bribing a cbi official was something extraordinary that people hardly can imagine. The episode reminds us about …


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2 responses to “India Corruption News

  1. Is there a web-site where we can report bribes?

    I would like a tech savvy vigellente to set something up. That way these guys in the police, customs and goverment know that their notoriety may be exposed to the whole world on the Internet.

  2. theangryindian

    Not that I know of. Actually, I might be able to set up a page like that on this site but – I’m sorry for being so skeptical – I doubt it’s going to make any difference other than for people to just vent their feelings.

    We keep having these sting operations with hidden cameras but nothing ever happens to politicians, officials caught on tape. For a few days, the Opposition bays for their blood, and they are quietly demoted and kept out of the public eye till the storm passes.

    Then, it’s back to good ol’ corruption once again.

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